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Huawei announces ICS "demo version" rolling out to U8860 Honor, other phones to follow soon

June 5, 2012

Although we’ve been expecting Huawei to make a strong push towards the high-end smartphone market niche this year, the charge has been delayed for some reason. Neither the Ascend D Quad, nor the P1 and P1 S have been released in the US, and we don’t even have official release dates for the phones.

In the lower end sector, however, Huawei is making efforts to keep customers happy. The U8660 Honor, a mid-ranger available in the US at AT&T, has just received the much awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, available for download at this link.

Other low-end and mid-range handsets from Huawei will themselves receive ICS upgrades “through Q2 and Q3”, including the U8860 Pro, Honor C8860E, Mercury M866, Honor U8860-51 and G300. Neither of these phones have exact update dates next to their names and time frames are ambiguous at best (Q2 ends in June and Q3 in September).

Another thing to be worried about is that Huawei has made available a “demo version of ICS Android 4.0” for the Honor and the exact same version, which “may have limitations”, will be coming to the other phones as well. No words on what are those limitations, but if you own an Honor and you’re willing to give this “demo” ICS a chance, you can download it and let us know what to expect. The software package “weighs in” at a pretty hefty 258.11 MB, so make sure you have the storage space to go around before downloading.

No words on when (or if) to expect full versions of Android 4.0 on any of the devices mentioned above, so for the time being you’ll have to make do with these “demos” to quench your Ice Cream Sandwich thirst.