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Huawei is working on a new mobile OS, could they be headed out of the Android business?

Despite earlier reports that they weren't working on their own operating system, CEO Wan Biao has announced that Huawei is, in fact, working on their own operating system. While the reason is unclear, the statement made appears to be that this operating system is merely a backup plan. A backup plan for what, exactly?
September 25, 2012
Huawei is the biggest telecommunications equipment maker in the world. Their work never really took off in the United States, but Huawei is pretty popular on a global scale. They even have some newer devices out. These include the soon-to-be-released MediaPad 7 and the Ascend D1 Quad.

Very recently, Huawei executives have been quoted as saying that they are working on their own operating system. Creating their own operating system hasn’t always been their stance, but they’ve since changed stances.

During an interview, Huawei CEO Wan Biao specifically said, “We’re also devoting resources into coming up with a phone operating system based on our current platform in case other companies won’t let us use their system one day.”

For now, Huawei is simply developing the operating system. They have no intentions on launching it in the foreseeable future. In fact, it could be seen as a good business decision. Having a backup plan is always a good idea. However, the above statement awfully vague and even a little cryptic. It wouldn’t be the first time big businesses knew something we didn’t.

Could Huawei being on their way out of the Android game?

It’s a question that needs to be answered. It’s not very often we hear of OEMs creating a backup plan in case Android goes under. We all know that Android won’t be around forever. Since Apple’s huge victory over Samsung, it has made that fact more apparent.

So the big question is: are OEMs preparing for aftermath of Apple’s thermonuclear war? Creating a mobile operating system takes a lot of time and effort. Thus, operating systems announced today likely won’t be ready for quite some time. By then, the face of the mobile industry may have shifted in the wake of Apple’s patent trolling.

Even if Android goes down, there’s still other operating systems out there like Windows Phone, Symbian, and WebOS. Huawei hasn’t released any details about their OS, so it is unknown whether or not it will be any good. If Huawei actually released this OS, would you use it or would you seek other pastures?