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Huawei MediaPad 10 Link tablet details begin to surface, look to include an HD display

The latest Huawei branded tablet has been discovered with the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. The tablet, which is dubbed the MediaPad 10 Link looks like it will have an HD display and details suggest that it will be available in three models.
November 27, 2012

Huawei has had a few Android tablets available. Notably, the MediaPad 7 Lite and the MediaPad 10 FHD. And well, assuming nothing changes, it looks like Huawei is already working on another 10-inch tablet. The tablet is the MediaPad 10 Link and it was recently discovered in some WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG documents.

Or maybe more accurately, the tablets have been discovered. In this case, it appears as if the MediaPad 10 Link will be available in at least three different models. While we have yet to learn the specifics about each one, speculation suggests that they will house various types of connectivity including some cellular connected models and perhaps a Wi-Fi only model. For those into keeping track of model numbers, the three MediaPad 10 Link tablet numbers are as follows; S10-201w, S10-201U, and S10-202U.

Aside from the mention of various model numbers, we know based on the 10 in the tablet name, that the MediaPad 10 Link will arrive sporting a 10-inch display. It also appears as if it will have a 10.1-inch IPS LCD display with an HD resolution.

Otherwise, these documents offered some basics such as how the tablet has been certified for dual band 2.4/5.x GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 3.0. Based on the image that was provided, it appears as this will be a cellular connected model (given the metal drops off towards the top in favor of what we would assume to be a plastic cover). We can also see the two speakers and the rear-facing camera.

Finally, we can only hope that once announced, the official news of the MediaPad 10 Link will include a mention of Jelly Bean.