Huawei booth

When you consider the global market for mobile technology, the United States is pretty significant. We’re a large country, and are very keen on our tech. When a relatively new manufacturer, who makes some nice devices, pledges to bow out of the US market… we wonder why. When that player is Huawei, we know the answer.

After some recent incidents of spying, which can be traced back to China, Huawei came under scrutiny. Along with ZTE, Huawei was accused of some subversive tactics, and accused of assisting with spying by congress ina roundabout way. Rather than fight an uphill battle, Huawei has decided to bow out of the US.

There is a big, bold world for Huawei to worry about, and they will. Their backyard, China, is a market ready for a growth explosion. The rest of the Asian countries are also primed for rapid growth, so Huawei focussing on other markets is not going to hurt their chances any.

Huawei estimates the US accounts for around 30% of the world’s carrier business, so the decision to leave this market was not arrived at lightly. “Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get into the U.S. market. Thirty percent, it’s a high-value market. We today face reality. We will focus on the rest of the world, which is reasonably big enough and is growing significantly.” said Huawei’s Chief Technology Officer, Li Sanqi. We’re sorry to see them go, but happy they’ll have the chance for the success they deserve.