Huawei booth
The Huawei brand is not as popular as others such as Apple or Samsung in the consumer electronics category. However, a new report on the Chinese web site says that Huawei is currently working towards becoming a true first-tier brand that can really go head to head with some of its biggest competitors in the market. Basically, it wants to fully transform itself into an electronics company that plays with the big boys.

Huawei is seemingly looking to employ a not-so-complex “go for broke” strategy in order to become a first-tier vendor in the world of smartphones. According to the company’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu, Huawei is left with no other choice but to play on the higher level because of increasingly stiff competition in the low end of the market.

Based on its short history of selling phones, which it has been doing a lot for at least a couple of busy years now, Huawei has a pretty bright future ahead of it. It aims to land somewhere in the top three of the world smartphone market in three to five years. For a company that expects to rake in a total of about $9 billion this year alone, this isn’t hard to believe at all. Its decision to make more and more devices with top-notch features makes even more sense, if you think about it.

David Gonzales
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