Huawei P9 Feature Focus-11

“Industry sources” are at it again, this time letting us know Huawei is getting ready to bring EMUI 5.0 to market this coming Fall. Otherwise known as Emotion UI, this manufacturer UI skin is known for catering to Asian markets, using software elements we are not so used to here. But Huawei continues to make its way to the USA and some changes must be made in order┬áto keep us entertained.

These insiders claim Huawei is now aiming for a user interface that looks more similar to Android’s stock look, a move that would be very significant to the Chinese phone maker. You have used EMUI, right? The colorful home screens and completely modified menus are nothing like what Google does.┬áThe company seems to be pushing towards simplicity, something we do love here in America.

We can’t tell you much more about Emotion UI for now. Just keep in mind this is still a rumor and nothing is official until it is. Just keep it tuned to Android Authority for more details and hit the comments to let us know how you feel about this rumor.

Would you like EMUI 5.0 to be more like stock Android, or do you prefer Huawei’s own take on Android?

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