Aluminum is the new plastic when it comes to cell phone construction, it seems. Everyone from HTC to Sony is doing it. If this new rumor is true, Huawei is fully investing in keeping up with the jones’.

The image you see above is, allegedly, the new aluminum casing for a new Huawei phone, reportedly named “Edge”. Having already released the Ascend D2, a fantastic phone on its own, the addition of another high-end device seems odd. Then again, in looking at the pic… something seems off.

The images that are available, like the one above, don’t show the front of the device. We’re not sure of the size, either. It looks to be around five inches, comparative to the surrounding objects in the photo, but that’s not certain. It’s said to have an HD display at that size, but again… no official word. Just the back of a milled, aluminum object.

The aforementioned Ascend D2 is also an aluminum device, so Huawei is no stranger to this field. The “Edge” is alleged to have some top-end specs, as well, with a 13MP Camera, 2,600mAh battery, Android 4.2, 2GB RAM, 16 or 32GB storage… and 6.3mm thin. No word on anything else, but if those specs are legit, we’re interested.