Hey everyone! This is Darcy LaCouvee from AndroidAuthority, reporting live from the CES 2012. What I have here is the Huawei Ascend P1, it’s an incredibly thin device. We’re looking at a 7.69 mm profile, which is one of the thinnest phones on the market, it just blows away the thinness of the Galaxy S2 or even the Droid RAZR.

With this device, We’re looking at an 8 mega-pixel auto focusing camera on the rear with an LED flash. Inside we have a 1.4GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor with a SGX 540 GPU. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.01 actually on board. No dedicated camera button, incredibly thin profile, it tapers off at the bottom a little bit, but you know it’s an industrial plastic design, there’s absolutely no flex to it what so ever.

The screen has the same resolution as QHD as the Droid RAZR and the colors really pop out of it, as you can, kind of, expect from AMOLED. It appears to be an incredibly responsive device and I think that we’re gonna expect some really good things here from Huawei.

Things are a little crazy right now so you can expect a full phone review from AndroidAuthority in the coming weeks here. The device currently isn’t on the market.

Other specs include a 1.3MP front facing camera, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all that sort of stuff, and a 1670 mAh battery, so probably some pretty good battery life. And of course, expandable memory too. But I’m really impressed.

I got my Galaxy S2 right here and I gotta say, it’s not doing it for me anymore, you know… Just joking. But really really thin, beautiful display, and really fast. Anyway, this is the Huawei Ascend P1. We’re just gonna review the P1 S after the Ascend.

Thanks for checking in everyone! We’re Android Authority here my name is Darcy LaCouvee live from CES 2012.