Huawei is all set to introduce its monster-sized 6.1-inch Android-powered Ascend Mate smartphone at CES 2013. The device, whose details have already been announced unofficially by company’s impatient executives, features a 1080p display and is ready to take on the likes of Galaxy Note 2.

Two weeks before the official announcement event, Huawei’s Richard Yu revealed the upcoming device in front of fans at a Huawei Store in Guangzhou. The scene was captured on video and is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The 6.1-inch device is the Huawei Ascent Mate, which we’ve talked about before. Rumors suggest that it features a 1.8GHz HiSilicon K3V3 quad-core processor, a 720p display, 9.9mm thickness, and more. These specs were revealed by Yu at Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo, where he noted that the teased specs might differ from the actual device. The device is rumored to be priced at ¥3,000 which is almost equal to $480.

Huawei’s Ascend Mate is seen as a worthy competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and other large screen devices. The fact that it features a 6.1-inch display that is even larger than Samsung’s ‘Phablet’ might be unacceptable for some, but will be loved by many, as is the Galaxy Note 2.

Huawei is scheduled to announce the Huawei Ascend Mate at an event its is hosting at CES 2013 after two weeks.

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