ascend d2 laser cutting

Huawei’s snazzy new Ascend D2 features some great specs and an equally appealing design, which we’ve shown you in our hands-on earlier today.

At yesterday’s CES launch event, Huawei emphasized the attention to detail and the work that goes into making each and every unit of the Ascend D2. The Chinese phone maker boasted that the aluminum case of the Ascend D2 alone requires no fewer than 116 manufacturing steps, from the initial stamping of the rough shape from a sheet of metal, to buffing and various chemical treatments.

To demonstrate its affirmations Huawei has released a short video that shows some of those 116 stages required to make the case of the Ascend D2. We would’ve like to see more of these steps (all 116 ideally), but this is better than nothing.

What do you make of the Huawei Ascend D2? And what about that crazy Ascend Mate?

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