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Huawei Ascend D Quad launch delayed again, CPU issues at fault

Huawei says they're “working hard to overcome” the technical problems
June 26, 2012

Unveiled back in February at the MWC with the “world’s fastest smartphone” title stamped to its “forehead”, the Huawei Ascend D Quad has been expected to hit the market for a while now. Some might have hoped to see it launched in the spring, while other saw it ready to come this summer, but the D Quad is now slated for a release closer to the cold season.

Somewhat ironically, the D Quad’s latest delay is caused by the phone’s processor, which “has encountered some technical problems”, as Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Consumer Business Group CEO, has delicately put it, in a recent official statement. I say ironically, because the handheld’s main attraction was exactly its quad-core CPU, which Huawei claimed to be the snappiest around.

Huawei is “working hard to overcome” the technical problems, but mass production of the D Quad smartphones will most likely not begin until August. The best-case scenario, therefore, is that we’ll see the phone launched in late August or early September. Keep in mind, though, that this is the best-case scenario, depending on the swift solving of the current technical issues and, of course, by the lack of any other problems over the next couple of months.

The 1.5 GHz K3V2 quad-core proc was the Ascend D Quad’s piece of resistance upon its unveiling back in February, but the rest of the phone’s specs and features were also attractive. The D Quad was supposed (and, hopefully, is still supposed) to sport a 4.5-inch IPS+ LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, an 8 MP rear-facing camera, Android 4.0 ICS, and a microSD card slot.

The spec sheet will make the Huawei Ascend D Quad a more than decent high-end smartphone in August, September ,and probably even in December, but it’s pretty obvious that we won’t be dealing with the “world’s fastest” phone anymore. The HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Optimus 4X HD, as well as the future HTC One XXL (not to mention other devices that might be unveiled soon) will certainly beat the D Quad to the punch, leaving it with one single potential advantage: pricing.

Huawei has been completely silent about the future flagship’s price ever since February. Now, more than ever, the Chinese will need some aggressive pricing to make sure that customers will not ignore the oh-so-promising-but-oh-so-late Ascend D Quad. Do you guys agree? Will the handheld’s future price tag single-handedly ensure its success or failure? Or have you already decided to pass on the D Quad?