Huawei 8220

Huawei 8220 has posted a link to some FCC documents for the Huawei 8220, the Pulse.  My first thought was “great!”, but then I started looking at the actual documents.

First up, a search on the FCC ID listed in the docs (QISU8220) turns up nothing.  I’m not sure, but I figure that’s maybe because it’s an application, and that no approval has been given yet.  I don’t know.

The next thing bothers me, though.  There is no mention anywhere of T-Mobile USA’s 850MHz support, or its 1700/2100MHz 3G network support.  Only the 1900MHz (PCS) band is tested.  That, to me, suggests that this might be a tri-band GSM device that works on 900, 1800, and 1900MHz networks.  As such, only the 1900MHz band is being tested in the U.S.  That would make it a device for Europe (or some other part of the world), not for the USA as some sites have been suggesting.

Now, let me be clear here.  I’m no expert on the FCC’s procedures or even its website by any stretch.  I’m speculating.  Guessing.  But I’ve read through more than a few of these filings over the years I’ve been covering mobile phones, and this one just strikes me as being off.

I’d love for some FCC experts to take a look and let us know what their thoughts are in the comments.  Here’s the link to the 8220’s FCC docs.