The Huawei Ascend Mate was made official last month at CES, but not without leaving a lingering question of whether bigger is really better. Regardless of how you feel about holding a huge phone in your hand(s), Huawei is looking to shake up the Galaxy Note establishment with its 6.1-inch phablet offering.

If you find yourself strangely attracted to the Ascend Mate, you’ve probably heard that it’ll be launched in China this month, while a global release can be expected in the following month. Now, we have some unofficial pricing information for the phone.

One online retailer in China has begun taking pre-order for the Ascend Mate, where it’s offered for $575. Those brazen enough to consider placing an order will be glad to know that the website ships worldwide. Before your gadget lust gets the better of you, however, we suggest you wait for more confirmation from Huawei on when the device will actually hit stores and at what price point.

In the meantime, you can always check out our hands-on video of the Ascend Mate again.

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