HTC Zoe Share
If you’ve followed the news surrounding HTC’s latest Android-powered flagship smartphone called the HTC One, then I’m sure that you already know about one of its most interesting camera-related features, which is called HTC Zoe. Yes, it’s the feature that lets users take pictures and record snippets of high-definition video simultaneously. It’s one of the main features of the HTC One.

But perhaps you’re wondering, what exactly are users going to do with the recorded photos and video footage that they end up with after using HTC Zoe on the HTC One? Why, share all of it, of course. And today, anyone who uses HTC Zoe to create anything may do just that through the official HTC Zoe sharing site, aptly named HTC Zoe Share. It lets people upload and share media on HTC’s servers for free.

With HTC Zoe Share, a user can create a 30-second video clip as a sort of highlight reel that’s made up of photos, videos, and Zoes captured with a smartphone camera. Afterwards, the finished product can be shared easily with the use of links. I think it’s safe to say that HTC Zoe Share has made an already interesting new feature even more interesting.

Here’s a quick video showing off a bit of HTC Zoe on the HTC One.

If you want to find out what HTC Zoe Share is all about, then just make your way to the source link below.

David Gonzales
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