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Figuring out what HTC Zoe is certainly leads you nowhere if the name is the only information you have. So let us fill you in with the juiciest details of what this amazing camera feature can do.

First off, HTC Zoe is one of the shooting modes for HTC’s latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One. As reported during our live blogging of the device’s launch event, the HTC Zoe captures still images while at the same time records high-definition videos. Think of these videos as short GIF animations that last about 3 seconds and can relive the precious moments, something which motionless photos cannot exactly compete with. It is “a unique way that brings the gallery to life.”

Ranging from simple filters popularized by Instagram to sophisticated modifications, various after-effects are available to edit the individual photos that make up a single “Zoe” clip. Through them, users will be able to produce a 30-second edit that can emphasize the most exciting moments. Background music and fluid transitions complete the whole experience. When done, the highlights can then be shared to friends via email and social networks.

What with most competition all too preoccupied in improving other smartphone aspects, HTC’s innovative efforts in the camera department is an impressive gesture for a change.