HTC Windows Phone 8X

Once one of the bigger players in the mobile industry, HTC has fallen hard in the last few years. Although recent releases like the HTC One have helped regain some interest in the company, they are still arguably doing nothing more than treading water. 

If HTC is to regain what has been lost, the company needs to focus its efforts on product lines that actually have the potential to bear immediate fruit. They also need to cut losses where they can. Yes, we’re talking about Windows Phone 8.

According to DigiTimes, as HTC’s Windows Phone marketshare continues to decline, the company could drift away from supporting the platform. While DigiTimes is known for a mixed track record when it comes to speculation and rumors, we have to say this makes a lot of sense.

Even though Windows Phone 8 has managed to grow a little in recent months, it still only stands with just 3.7% of the entire global smartphone marketshare. Of that 3.7%, Nokia holds a staggering 80% of the pie, while HTC’s share is slipping below 5%. We also have to consider that in order to release WP8 devices, HTC has to agree to a licensing fee, something that isn’t required for Android (potential patent fees aside).

With HTC kicking its marketing efforts into high-gear, now could be the perfect time to ditch Windows Phone 8 and continue pushing forward into a bold new direction.

What do you think, do you agree that now might be a good time for HTC to abandon the Microsoft ship?

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