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A German court dismissed a patent-infringement lawsuit Nokia brought against HTC, making it the latest in a series of dismissals for HTC.

This particular patent dealt with a specific method for accepting a phone call while the phone is performing an update. The judge ruled that HTC does not violate the patent. HTC, of course, was happy with the news, and believes it may eventually lead to the patent being declared invalid.

There is a chance Nokia will appeal if it believes it has a strong enough case that HTC does violate the patent. Given that Nokia filed the complaint once already, an appeal doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

The German courts have dismissed a number of patent-infringement cases Nokia tried touring against HTC. For now it seems HTC doesn’t have much to fear from Nokia’s portfolio of phone patents.

Once Microsoft buys the handset division of Nokia, HTC might have less to worry about, as its hard to imagine Microsoft pursuing appeals in patent-infringement cases against one its few mobile hardware partners. Surely Microsoft wouldn’t continue these lawsuits, right?