HTC Wildfire

Russell Jefferies wrote a review of the new HTC Wildfire for our sister site,  The Wildfire is very much like the high-end HTC Desire, except for a downgraded screen, CPU, and price. Here’s an excerpt from the full HTC Wildfire review:

The HTC Wildfire is one of HTC’s latest Android smartphones that is aimed at the social networker who wants an affordable handset. Containing most of the HTC Desire’s high end components, the Wildfire packs an impressive feature set, yet costs around a third less than it’s bigger brother.

HTC has also enhanced the Facebook connectivity of the handset to keep users up to date with their friends and have added a few extra applications such as an app sharing service and a data transfer application for switching from an old phone. Despite the Wildfire’s reduced size and price tag versus the Desire, it still manages to pack the same Android 2.1 operating system, 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, and GPS.

The Wildfire isn’t without its flaws though, and costs have clearly been cut in two important areas; the screen and the processor. The screen has a lowly QVGA resolution, and isn’t the largest either, at 3.2 inches. Couple this with the processor from the old HTC Hero and things like web browsing start to feel a bit dated.

But overall, the HTC Wildfire is a likable little fellow and can do everything that its bigger, more pricey sibling can do, albeit with a little less polish. Social networking addicts will struggle to find a better device at this price point.

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