If you were an original purchaser of the HTC Sensation, you may remember the video streaming service called HTC Watch that made its debut along with the phone. If not, don’t worry about it, the service is being discontinued at the end of this month. Whether you use the Sensation or not, current users of HTC Watch may still purchase content, but HTC wants you to download your stuff before March 31, 2014 when the service and access to your content will be cut off.

HTC’s Watch app and service is their own video streaming service, intended to compete with the likes of Netflix and the Google Play Store. It underwent some downsizing last year, pulling out of 5 European countries, which leaves few surprised that it is experiencing a full shutdown this year.

For those that will be inconvenienced by this shutdown, there are a few alternative options for you. US users have the full Google Play Store, Amazon Prime and hulu at their disposal. The list of countries that can access Netflix is a little larger, but still rather limited. There are free services like Crackle that you can try out, or for something a little different, check out CloudLoad.

If you have content to download, but for some reason no longer have the app installed, HTC wants you to hit their support page at for more details. Did you use HTC Watch? What is your favorite media streaming service?

Jonathan Feist
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