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HTC wants to replace bad gifts with good HTC Ones

HTC wants to replace your bad gifts with a free HTC One this Christmas. Read on for more!
December 19, 2013

HTC wants to replace your bad gifts with a free HTC One this Christmas.

A new contest from HTC lets Instagram users show off their “bad” gifts and hopefully win a brand new phone from the company. To enter the contest all you have to do is follow HTC on Instagram, post a picture of the offending bad gift to the service, explain why its so bad in the caption with the hashtag #ReplaceMyGift, and tag HTC in the photo. Okay, so maybe the contest is a bit more complicated than some others, but it’s still relatively simple.

The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. PST on January 5, 2014. After that, HTC’s judges will view all of the photos submitted and evaluate them to see who gets the free HTC One and who doesn’t. The company will give away total of 12 phones in the contest. Six of those will go to Americans, and the other six will go to fans outside the U.S.

HTC asks that nobody mention other companies or products in their posts, so try to talk around why you aren’t a fan of that iPod touch somebody gave you without mentioning Apple.

The contest seems like a fun way to get people talking about and excited about HTC, but it could potentially cause a few problems for users. Nobody wants to see their gift put online as an example of a bad gift. Unless it’s intended to be a bad gift, in which case you might end up getting a laugh and a free phone.

Will you try your hand at the #ReplaceMyGift contest? Here’s the full list of rules and stuff to know if you’re going to enter!

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