“That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet,” wrote Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. He could have been talking of the HTC Vigor, too, if he lived to these days, during which a document allegedly for internal use on Verizon Wireless claims that the HTC Vigor will be renamed/rebranded into the HTC Rezound.

Presumably tipped by a Verizon insider, Droid Life published a screenshot of what is purported to be a Verizon database of some sort that lists handset model ADR6425LVW side by side its “description”–the HTC Rezound.

The handset model number was the same as the one that appeared on the NenaMark1 database in late July this year. The model number was said to be that of the HTC Vigor and was also listed on the NenaMark1 benchmark database as carrying Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, a 1.5-GHz Qualcomm processor, an Adreno 220 graphics processing unit, and a display resolution of 1280×720.

As far as names are concerned, the Nexus Prime and the HTC Vigor are of the same ilk–the confusing kind. Various reports published earlier point to two other possible names for the HTC Vigor. One is the HTC DROID Incredible HD, owing to the HTC Vigor’s (its leak photos anyway) likeness to the HTC DROID Incredible.

Another one being floated around is the HTC Thunderbolt 2. An earlier leaked Verizon document marked the HTC Vigor as the intended replacement for the original HTC Thunderbolt, and other leaked documents also claimed that the original Thunderbolt’s replacement will be called the HTC Thunderbolt 2.

And, lately, the third rumored name came: the HTC Rezound. The name, although arguably lame (but that’s just me, of course), is hardly surprising, especially since HTC started naming its upcoming Beats-enabled Android devices with sound-related names. For example, the HTC Bliss became the HTC Rhyme. The rumored HTC Runnymede will reportedly turn into the HTC Bass.

Although, the Beats-updated version of the HTC Sensation, called the HTC Sensation XE, didn’t seem to get rebaptized into something sound-related, presumably to preserve the branding that the name “HTC Sensation” has already carved into the market’s consciousness.

Regardless of how lousy/awesome HTC can get with its Android device’s names, “that which we call ADR6425LVW / By any other name would still [presumably perform] as sweet.”

If you were head of HTC’s Device Naming Department, what name would you baptize the HTC Vigor / ADR6425LVW with?