One of the coolest features on the new HTC One is the camera. No, it’s not about megapixels and gigantic photos this time… this time it’s about UltraPixels. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it, HTC just invented it.


Curious how it works? Check out our rundown of the fun new technology. We also posted a video earlier for all you smartphotogs (yeah, just made that up. No big deal…) who are itching to get your hands on the new darling of the mobile photo world. Those are educational and fun, but you’re interested in results!


Again, Android Authority has you covered! Check out the pics above, taken with a HTC One and provided by the company in its UltraPixel whitepaper. Tell me you’re not impressed! They look great, so maybe this new UltraPixel thing has some legs. I was skeptical at first, but the proof is undeniable… UltraPixels are awesome!