The bootloader unlocking section on the recently launched HTC Dev site has been updated yet again, and 4 variants of the HTC Sensation have been added to the list; namely, the T-Mobile USA, Turkish, Arabic, and Bouygues Telecom versions. Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D has also been marked as unlockable using the HTC-provided unlocking tool.

Unlocking the bootloader simply means that the owner of the device can customize the software on the device, or in simpler terms, install custom/modified Android software on the phone. The bootloader basically controls which applications must run during the boot process.

The official bootloader unlocking process is quite simple. Even non-techie users can do it just by following the on-screen instructions on HTC Dev.

However, HTC is cautioning that by unlocking the bootloader, one may be voiding the phone’s warranty.

HTC also mentions the possible difference in performance between a locked device and an unlocked device.

Using the official bootloader unlocking tool is safer than using unofficial means. How? HTC unlocks the bootloader via an unlock key.

In comparison, the various unlocking hacks and methods provided by programmers and enthusiasts almost always require users to root their devices first and install a custom recovery on that device or change the HBOOT files with a custom one. Using such hacks always carry the implied or explicit warning that the methods may not work all of the time.

Have you unlocked your HTC device already? Which tool did you use–HTC’s official tool or another unofficial tool?

Image credit: HTC Dev