I’ve noticed HTC has been focusing a lot on the cloud aspect lately, first with the HTCSense.com website, where they allow you to¬†automatically backup text messages, call history, contacts, data and customizations.

Then they invested heavily in the OnLive gaming service, which “streams” games to your HTC tablet. And no, they’ve expanded on that strategy further with the addition of 5GB of free Dropbox storage (Dropbox already gave 2 GB for free) on new HTC Sense 3.5 phones.

Dropbox is the most popular service for syncing files between pretty much any platform, since they have apps for all. If you have important files and you want access to them at all time, then Dropbox is a good way to accomplish that.

It seems that HTC is choosing to enable this only for people who will buy new HTC Sense 3.5 phones, which means even if you upgrade later to HTC Sense 3.5, you probably won’t be able to benefit from this. Also, if you’re buying a new phone that doesn’t have HTC Sense 3.5, you won’t be getting this either, so if you really want to take advantage of the free 5 GB of online storage from Dropbox, you’ll need to wait for a phone that has the upcoming version of HTC Sense.

Just make sure you don’t try filling all that storage when you’re using your 3G or 4G connection, because otherwise you’ll reach your 2GB data cap pretty quickly. This is what we have to deal with today, unfortunately. All these great online services, HD videos, music streaming and so on, that you can’t really enjoy fully because your data cap would be maximized way before the end of the month.

So what do you think? Is this a nice feature that HTC is adding to their new phones? Is it something you’d consider when comparing it to a phone from another manufacturer?

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