The HTC Thunderbolt may not be the most revolutionary device on the planet, but sure enough, it is one of the top smartphones of its generation. However, there are a lot of critics that question the Thunderbolt’s true potential.

“Immense power. Scorching speed.” That is the Thunderbolt. Perhaps you have seen HTC’s Thunderbolt Rooftop Advertisement thus far, and perhaps you still still have doubts about its speed. The advertisement claims quite explicitly that its speed is something you should take quite seriously. But if you are not really convinced, the fact that the Thunderbolt was overclocked to 1.8GHz should explain it all. Undeniably, it was impressive and exceeded even our ridiculous expectations.

The man behind this particular story about the Thunderbolt is named Derek Rodriguez. Believe it or not, he got the Thunderbolt to a blazing fast 2.0GHz just recently. Based on his tweet, the Thunderbolt is consistent at 1.996GHz which is indeed a commanding feat in and of itself.

It seems like the Thunderbolt is getting faster as the week goes by. It makes us wonder – when it will reach its maximum speed? Well, most likely, it’s already quite close to it.  Be mindful that the Thunderbolt is only a single core device and it is already achieving extremely impressive benchmarks. The real question you should be asking is this – what sort of performance could this thing have mustered if it was dual core?