Google made the software development kit (SDK) for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich available on the very same day as Google launched Android’s latest version–and the Android developer community, especially custom ROM developers, quickly slurped the delicious treat.  One guy was able to make an SDK port for one of Verizon’s most troubled HTC-made devices: the HTC Thunderbolt.

A member of the RootzWiki forums, named jdkoreclipse, managed to pull together a pre-alpha ROM using the Android 4.0 SDK and got it to boot on his HTC Thunderbolt.  According to the coder’s post on the forums, nothing else works apart from being able to boot, lights, possibly sensors, and also possibly Wi-Fi.  He was not able to test Wi-Fi functionality because the touchscreen doesn’t work either.

Several forum members were elated that someone was able to make an Android 4.0 SDK port boot this early on a device such as the HTC Thunderbolt.  Undoubtedly, custom ROM developers could create ROMs based on Ice Cream Sandwich much faster if the source code had been made available.

Google had promised to release Android 4.0’s source code shortly after the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich are released.  By that time, custom ROM developers will be having a field day.

Do you want ICS on your HTC Thunderbolt?

Image credit: Android Forums