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HTC Thunderbolt and Desire S upgraded to ICS soon

The wait is over
August 10, 2012

Still waiting for an official ICS upgrade on one of HTC’s (too) numerous 2011 phones still running Android 2.3 Gingerbread? Well, we have some (partially) good news for you. While no exact rollout dates have been announced yet, a Facebook comment from the company’s official account should be reason for optimism.

No, unfortunately we’ve heard nothing good about the Desire HD, which, as far as we know, won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich. However, HTC is planning to “finish updates by the end of August” for at least two phones, previously announced as getting ICS bumps over the summer.

The Thunderbolt and Desire S will certainly be getting updates before the first leaves of fall, if we are to trust HTC. Both devices were initially planned to take the software leap before the end of July, but for undisclosed reasons, they have both been delayed.

While this is certainly good news for (some) Thunderbolt and Desire S adopters, we’re unsure how many of those are still waiting for the official upgrades. We’ve had a bunch of unofficial ICS ports rolled out for the two HTC phones over the last six months or so, and quite a few of those were stable, secure and bug-free.

Now that we mention it, the HTC FB comment “announcing” the upgrades wasn’t very comforting in the first place. The company has said that it is “planning to finish updates” in August, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will get the upgrades done in time and roll them out. That said, if you’re not very comfortable flashing unofficial custom ROMs or if you’re an incredibly patient person, you’ll have no problem in waiting for HTC to make good on their words.

Although it seems unlikely, we might be seeing even more updating action from HTC in the following few weeks. Aside from the Thunderbolt and Desire S, the company could also roll out an ICS update for the Droid Incredible 2. The 4-incher’s name hasn’t been specifically mentioned by anyone over at HTC, but the company has said it is planning to finish updates for all announced devices. As you probably know, the Incredible 2 has been announced as getting ICS some time ago.

This is obviously a speculation, but it seems to make sense, so Incredible 2 adopters should be ready for some treats. That is, if they themselves have held out and refused the custom ROM temptations.

How about it, guys? Anyone still waiting for official upgrades on any of the three phones?