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HTC One gets another teaser video, this time focusing on the metal body

HTC has released yet another teaser video for the next-gen One, this time focusing on the metal body. Once again, the teaser is void on real details, as to be expected.
March 3, 2014

HTC is back with yet another teaser for the all new HTC One, previously known as the HTC M8. Last time the company teased us that Boomsound would be even better in the next-gen model, and now HTC is focusing on the metal body.

The latest teaser talks about how last year’s HTC One had a aluminum unibody, but this year the metal design is even better. Just like the last teaser, there’s really no details here at all, and instead we are greeted by a censored picture of the new HTC One and while the actors are supposedly talking about how the new metal body is improved, that too is censored out.

Although HTC’s videos are meant to hype up the next-gen handset and get us ready for the March 25th unveiling, if you really want to know more solid details about the device, you don’t have to look far. Not only have there been tons of leaked images and rumors about the HTC One (2014), today we also reported on a newly leaked 12-minute long video, which goes into quite a bit of detail about the handset and its software.

Between HTC’s teasers and the many leaks, what do you think of the next-gen HTC One? Excited, or more interested in Sony’s Xperia Z2 or Samsung’s Galaxy S5?