UltraPixel New HTC One March 25 Tease

HTC UltraPixel camera explained… Sort of. HTC has put out a new commercial explaining some of the features in the original HTC One. The same feature that we assume will be in the “All New HTC One,” plus a tease for a little bit more.

The HTC One smartphone is so smart it takes really, really smart people to make it.

The premise of this video, which is actually the third installment in their technical translations series, is to have an engineer and a “plain-speak guy” explain specific features of HTC devices. Their comedic attempts explain that UltraPixel is HTC’s camera tech with focus on enhancements for low-light photo capabilities, we explained UltraPixel here. The video blurs out what more will be available on the new HTC One, but previous leaks point toward that second camera sensor on the back. We will have to wait for the official March 25 launch to see what that is all about though.

The original HTC One really is a great phone, its UltraPixel camera took some great shots, we enjoyed testing it out last year. And we really look forward to March 25, when we can get our hands on the All New HTC One.

What do you think about this video – do you understand UltraPixel a little better? Does it make you excited for the new HTC One?

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