With the release of the Droid DNA and the Butterfly, and with the upcoming arrival of the M7, HTC is looking to reverse its fortunes in the market. Releasing better smartphones is a good first step, but we don’t think HTC’s latest move will help the company win new fans – or keep the old ones for that matter.

The Taiwanese has been on a hunt to take down websites that distribute firmwares of its devices. The latest and possibly biggest casualty is — a popular online repository for HTC ROMs — whose owner has been asked by the company’s legal representative to delete all uploaded RUU files and custom ROMs. What’s more, the domain has also been seized by HTC.

The reasons given were that apart from the use of HTC logo on the website, HTC said that the copyrighted ROMs that were posted may cause potential harm to a user’s device.

Now, HTC may have the legal backing to pursue this, but to go after the dev community who’s actually helping its users? We find the whole thing bewildering. Nevertheless, we’re sure that there’s no stopping the community from providing users help and access to said files.

The story is still developing, as the company apparently has its eyes on more sites. What’s your opinion on the disturbing saga?

Bams Sadewo
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