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HTC employee says sorry for whole Thunderbolt mishap

An HTC employee posted a straight up apology to everyone who has ever suffered because of the issues that were caused by the old HTC Thunderbolt, all while replying to a comment on social news site reddit.
April 30, 2013
HTC Thunderbolt
Attention all HTC Thunderbolt owners. Do you remember how, when you first heard about the HTC Thunderbolt, you thought that it would be the very last Android smartphone that you’ll ever need? Do you still recall following all the breaking news stories leading up to its final, official release as the first phone from Verizon with 4G LTE? Yes, those were the days. The days when your hopes were raised only to be dashed quite expertly by one company, that is — HTC.

Fast forward to today and it’s pretty evident that the whole HTC Thunderbolt situation was — and in many ways still is — one big mess. So what does HTC think about it? An employee of the company who gets to spend his time interacting with the users of the social news site reddit holds the answer.

Over on reddit, there’s a user named Erick_HTC who has been around for months, openly posting comments and submitting links as an employee of HTC. He has been reading complaints, offering advice, and at times even promoting products of his company on the site. And again, he has been at it for quite a while. And even though he isn’t a part of HTC’s marketing department — or so he claims — he has been very consistent in trying to reach out and get involved in the lives of the members of reddit’s HTC and Android communities.

In fact, Erick_HTC‘s latest actions involve posting a straight up apology to everyone who has ever suffered because of the issues that were caused by the old HTC Thunderbolt. He included the apology in one of his comments while speaking with a very dissatisfied HTC customer.

Sorry to hear about the experience. Sorry about the Thunderbolt in general. It was a difficult project. I wish we didn’t destroy your trust in us, but I understand why you do feel that way.

He went on to say that HTC is doing much better now — perhaps referring to the developments involving the HTC One — and ended with a plea to be given a second chance.

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“Make another decision in a year or so. Follow these threads and see if we are doing better,” he said. “We will try to win you back if it is at all possible… ”

The words don’t really bring back any of the lost hours, money spent, deities cursed, and expletives dropped because of the problems that stemmed from the HTC Thunderbolt’s very existence. But as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.

It’s one thing to be sorry, but actually going out of your way to say it is pretty commendable. Kudos should be given to HTC. Or at least Erick_HTC, who very clearly cares a lot about his job and the future of his company.