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HTC smartwatch plans said to have been axed

Saving your money for the rumored HTC smartwatch? You might want to reconsider how you use those funds, as the project may have been killed.
September 5, 2014

True HTC fans were saving all their love and money for the rumored Android Wear device the Taiwanese manufacturer was said to launch. Everything was looking great, with leaked images and even an appearance in an official video in the archives. Then the latest rumor dropped the bad news on us like a cracking slap in the face.

Sources “familiar with the matter” say the renown manufacturer was getting ready to launch a smartwatch, but such plans have been canceled (at least temporarily). The reasons for this possible decision are unknown. These sources have no confirmation either, but it’s believed it could be related to “rising costs and a lack of wow factor”.

Artistic rendering of supposed HTC watch's design.
Artistic rendering of supposed HTC watch’s design.

It is true the competition is getting fierce out there, especially after IFA. Motorola, Samsung, Sony and LG have all jumped into the Android Wear bandwagon. Each brings something unique to the table and it’s hard to decide which smartwatch to stick with. At the same time, we believe HTC could have brought a great contender to the smartwatch wars.

The design may be square and simple, but leaked images showed a strong and well-built product.
Their device was said to come with a Mirasol display, offering amazing battery life and unparalleled outdoor readability. The design may be square and simple, but leaked images showed a strong and well-built product. It was looking like quite the winner.

Of course, this is a rumor and we must take it for what it is. HTC may still surprise us with an awesome smartwatch. We would be saddened if that never happened, though. How many of you are hoping for an HTC Android Wear device?