What do you do when you want to build some hype for your upcoming product? Sure, you can just rely on @evleaks and hope for the best. But just to be sure, you can stealthily insert said product in an otherwise run-off-the-mill promotional video and then… just wait.

HTC looks to have applied this recipe with the video above, which, amidst a deluge of design-y buzzwords, contains a couple of glimpses of what could be HTC’s first Android Wear smartwatch.

As discovered by HTC Source, at 0:35 seconds in the video, you can see a squarish smartwatch sporting a Sense-style watch face and sitting tightly in a charging cradle. And, at 0:45, a worker appears to be fiddling onscreen with the design of the watch’s metallic body.

htc smartwatch leak design video

There’s not much to talk about here, but the leak (intentional or not) does seem to corroborate @evleaks’ render from last week.

According to rumors, we may find out everything there’s to know about HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch sometime next month. Like what you see so far?

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