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When HTC said that it’s done playing the role of a muted, though admittedly brilliant competitor, it looks like the company really meant it.

As told by AllThingsD, prior to the start of the bizarre show that was the Galaxy S4 official unveiling, HTC deployed a street team to meet techies, journalists, and regular customers who were queuing outside Radio City Music Hall in New York, the venue for the big event.

Not only did they bring some hot snacks and drinks, but they also brought along some demo units of the HTC One for folks to try, as well as handing out $100 coupons to those who want to trade in their old phone with the HTC One.

Some may call the move brazen or perhaps desperate, but for HTC president Jason MacKenzie, it was simply “a good opportunity to let people compare real-time.”

Once the show got going, HTC seemingly went below the belt and posted the above on its official Twitter page, calling the Galaxy S4 #theNextBigFlop.

Given the Galaxy S lineup’s stellar sales track record, with a combined sales of over 100 million units, the tweet may just come back and bite the Taiwanese in the back side. But we’ll see anyway how things pan out.

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