Since the HTC One was launched last month, there has been quite a bit of excitement surrounding the extra software that it brought. One piece of software in particular is HTC Sense TV. The title may be misleading as it isn’t exactly a way for you to watch TV on the device, but rather a more intuitive way for you to control it. The software will display a TV Guide-like interface that will allow you to easily change channels due to the built-in IR sensor on the phone’s power button. The information is powered by the already well-established TV experience Peel. It is important to stress that this software is only available on the HTC One.

The software will support all cable providers, including Hulu, in the United States. However, in the UK, the customers will be limited to Virgin Media, Sky, Freesat, and Freeview. There will of course be support for other regions coming soon and will be announced locally. The application will be familiar to nearly everyone that has experienced digital cable as the interface will be nearly identical. To ensure compatibility, the application has a generous library of IR codes, making nearly all set-top boxes supportive.

If you’re lucky enough to get the phone and live in the right area, you will be able to control your TV through the most convenient measures available. For example, you will have access to traditional TV controls and recently visited channels right in the notification bar. In addition, you will also get these control directly on your lock screen. As you are aware, BlinkFeed is now an important part of Sense 5.0. When it comes to this particular application, you can use BlinkFeed to remind yourself of your favorite upcoming programs.

Brendan Lynch
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