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Photos of HTC Droid DNA running Sense 5 have shown up

A rumor mill favorite for January has been the HTC M7 and Sense 5. While we don't have any more potential M7 pics, we were able to find a photo of the HTC Droid DNA running Sense 5.
January 21, 2013
Sense 5
This month’s rumor mill favorite is the HTC M7. It’s apparently a gorgeous device running Sense 5.0 and there aren’t many details about it. However, one of it’s biggest features, HTC Sense 5, has been making its way around the internet. There are now some photos of HTC Sense 5 running on the Droid DNA.

The photos, which are displayed above and below, show a home screen of the DNA running Sense 5. It’s a pretty sleek interface that features large, square widgets that cover the home screen. It looks a little like Tile widgets in Windows 8 if it had been designed by someone other than Microsoft.

Something that received no improvement was the notification pane. The icons are minimalist and are mostly white icons on a black background. It has the same green battery icon that HTC Sense is known for. If this is Sense 5, it could mean a more stream lined interface for Sense fans without losing those large widgets Sense is known for.

So are these photos of HTC Sense 5 real?

That’s the big question. HTC Source seems to think they’re real, as does Weibo. However, a creative person with a rooted DNA could construct a theme to look similar. After all, you can make your phone look like an Ubuntu Phone without running Ubuntu Phone.

So what is everyone’s thought on this? If it’s legit then it can mean a few things. Mostly that the HTC Droid DNA might be getting an update to Sense 5. If not, then we still don’t have definitive evidence of what the M7 or HTC Sense 5 looks like.

Sense 5