Yesterday we shared with you HTC’s next step in their skin for their Android devices, Sense 4.0 While there are a lot of visual changes, one we didn’t mention is that Sense 4.0 users that login to Dropbox from their device will receive 50GB of cloud storage. Now PocketNow did not indicate whether this was a trial or permanent. But with all the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM’s running with Sense 3.5, we also got a 50GB upgrade in Dropbox which is permanent. So I’d imagine this would be permanent as well.

We heard a few months ago that HTC and Dropbox were teaming up to give users more cloud storage, mostly as a marketing tool to get more consumers to buy HTC devices since Sense only works on HTC Android devices. We will keep digging for more information so we can be sure whether it is just a 1-year trial or if you’ll have that 50GB of space for life.

How many of you use Dropbox daily? What do you use it for? How would 50GB help you with your Dropbox account? Hit up the comments and let us know.