Manufacturer skins, some of us hate them while others of us love them. HTC’s Sense UI is probably the biggest battery hog out of all the skins out there. We all expected HTC to review HTC Sense 4.0 User Interface at Mobile World Congress, but it looks like we are getting a bit of a sneak peek here. PocketNow and Android Community was able to get a sneak peek in prime time as to the changes in the fourth edition of HTC Sense.

The homescreen can finally function in landscape mode without any hacking or tweaking. This is a feature that is bafflingly absent form almost all stock phones and is often inserted by modders and aftermarket ROM developers.  Sliders and icons go with a slate gray look instead of the current glossy black, and the sometimes obtrusive icons are augmented and in some areas replaced with text. The task switcher is similar to the card system found on stock Ice Cream Sandwich, but uses a 3D effect like the current Sense carousel.

The lockscreen also gets a makeover with a more straightforward notification system, reportedly aping the iPhone 4 and 4S. Looks another episode of Apple vs. HTC will be taking place after Mobile World Congress. PocketNow reports that HTC plans for all of its devices to use capacitive physical buttons, not on-screen buttons as was assumed to be standard for Ice Cream Sandwich phones. Some hardware will move to a three-button layout even so. The new guest mode allows you to lock all private data and apps to allow a friend or acquaintance to borrow your phone for a quick call or search.

We are excited to see what else is going to happen with Sense 4.0 – most of us would like stock Android on our HTC devices right? We will be learning more about HTC Sense 4.0 and all these rumored HTC devices we’ve seen lately at Mobile World Congress in late February. Stay locked to Android Authority for all the details.