Being down in the dumps usually is a good time to reflect on what went wrong. Talking to Fierce Wireless, HTC’s global president of sales Jason Mackenzie has this to say about the steps that the company should’ve taken in the past, and how they plan to rectify their mistakes.

The HTC One X, last year’s flagship model, was launched ahead of the Galaxy S3 with the tagline “amazing camera, authentic sound”. However, Mackenzie admitted that some of the One X’s unique features, such as burst mode, which lets users capture up to 20 shots in a row, didn’t quite register in consumer’s mind.

This was partly due to the company’s inability to effectively communicate the phone’s features to customers. “We’ve been too quiet,” he said. “We let Samsung come in and suck in our innovation.”

This time around, you’ll see a more aggressive HTC that wants to be more vocal and take ownership of their innovations. The HTC One, for instance, comes with trademarked features like BlinkFeed, BoomSound, and UltraPixel camera. Marketing-wise, Mackenzie said that HTC will be promoting the One intensively throughout the year, instead of just the first few weeks after its release, as was the case before.

The past gloomy year has been a wake-up call for HTC. It remains to be seen whether the new-found marketing vigor will be enough to lift HTC to the level of Android greatness that it once enjoyed.