bendgate (2)

One of the dozens of images making fun of the bendy iPhone (this one is not from Samsung)

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s a wise saying that few in the tech industry seem to live by. But it’s alright, we don’t mind. The big names’ desire to capitalize on a competitor’s misfortune is often a source of hilarity.

Take #bendgate. By now, you probably know that simply walking around with an iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket could bend it, sometimes irremediably. In typical Internet fashion, the issue spiraled into a storm of 160-character quips, more or less witty memes, and deep social commentary from everyone and their grandma.

Apple’s got its share of snark and derision over #bendgate (or is it #bendghazi?). But you can count on rivals in the Android camp to make it even harder for the folks in Cupertino.

LG casually recommends users a phone that’s supposed to be bent, like the G Flex.

Samsung can’t miss the opportunity to highlight its own curved phone, the Note Edge.

While HTC probably takes the cake with its own little jab.

We are actually surprised that Samsung doesn’t have a video ad (or six) out by now. They’re probably on it, though.

What’s your favorite #bendgate joke? Should we even be making fun of Apple? I mean, problems with Android devices come up all the time… Thoughts?

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