Ten days ago, HTC announced it delivered the KitKat code for the HTC One Google Play edition, and that it was up to Google to push out the OTA release to users.

Now it appears that the OTA is on its way, as both HTC and Samsung have published the kernel source code and framework support files for the HTC One GPe and Galaxy S4 GPe, respectively. The files contain the open source component of the ROMs for the two devices, that HTC and Samsung have to release to the public, as per their GPL licensing.

HTC’s files weigh in about 370MB and can be found here, while Samsung released the 399MB ZIP file on its open source site. These files are primarily of interest to developers and tinkerers.

The good news for users of the two Google Play edition devices is that the OTA should be imminent. The last time Samsung and HTC published the open source components of their device firmware, the over the air update began trickling out to users within 24 hours.

If you’re dying to update your Google Play edition device to Android 4.4, you can start manually checking for the OTA, but know that checking every other minute won’t actually increase your chances of getting it.