Rumors have been surfacing about the new HTC Ruby, otherwise known as the Amaze 4G for T-Mobile. This 4.3″ qHD beast is poised to be released on October 6th. Not to mention, it’s packing slightly modest specs, with a 1.5Ghz dual core processor and 1GB of ram. As for the design, the leaked press picture displayed above is all we have.

In the category of the OS, the Ruby will sport one of the latest versions of Android 2.3+ Gingerbread. However, since this is an HTC phone, Sense 3.5 will be smothered all over this sweet Gingerbread cookie. And as if everything mentioned already was not enough, we can expect to see an 8 MP shooter on the back of this superphone. As for front-facing we are still a little unsure. But, rumors suggest that the Ruby will have a front-facing camera too, as is the standard these days, and most likely a 2MP one at that. Finally, with new technology on the rise, we highly doubt HTC will leave out a NFC chip.


By the way, if you can’t take my word for any of this, feel free to take a look for yourself at the above image. But if you can’t read that, then your going to have to trust me.

With their recent smartphone releases, HTC has produced official press shots and soon after, released the new device entirely. Just as stated before, rumors suggest that the HTC Ruby will be making it’s debut on October 6th. This release date could possibly be an effort to cut into iPhone 5 sales, and the sales of the soon to be omnipresent Samsung Galaxy S II. Remember, the newest version of the iPhone is rumored to be announced and in store sometime in October.

If your still not sold on the Ruby, take a look at what HTC and Dropbox are delivering for free.







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