Personalizing your phone’s settings is what we all want just to give our device a unique identity. This is especially true for girls, who want to pimp their devices to make it more feminine. HTC Rhyme, one of the more female-friendly Android device in the market, is a mid-range phone that although does not offer next gen specs, makes up for its shortcomings with both style and functionality. After taking a look at the pre-installed wallpapers and ringtones, you will realize that HTC isn’t messing around. In fact, it is one of the best features that the phone has to offer.

Making the most out of stock wallpapers and ringtones

You can download the zip package that contains the HTC Rhyme stock wallpapers, ringtones and boot animation from the internet. Like other Android devices such as the Droid Xyboard, Motorola Photon 4G, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Vigor, Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Pantech Breakout, you can make use of your HTC Rhyme’s stock wallpapers and personalize your device based on your liking.

What’s more is that the HTC Rhyme stock wallpapers that you can download are static and can be used regardless of the version of the operating system or firmware that is currently installed in your device. In fact, you do not need to be a computer whiz to do it on your own because all you need is your computer, an internet connection and your device, to enjoy the stock ringtones and wallpapers of your HTC Rhyme.

Below is a summary of the procedure on how to download and use the HTC Rhyme Stock wallpapers and ringtones for your device.

How to use HTC Rhyme Stock wallpapers and ringtones for your device

  • One of the first things that you need to do is download the official HTC Rhyme Wallpapers and Ringtones zip package in your computer or HTC Rhyme. Since the zip file is not protected with any password, you can easily unzip it to access the file using a zip file manager on your device.
  • If you have downloaded the zip file on your computer,  unzipping the file will give you two folders: ringtones and wallpapers.
  • Using your device’s USB cable, connect your HTC Rhyme on your computer so that you can copy the two folders on your phone.  After successfully copying or transferring the files on your device, safely disconnect it from the computer.
  • Navigate to the folders and long press on your chosen ringtone or wallpaper, if you want to customize your device.
Verizon seems to be focusing on the marketing angle instead of the internal components of the device when they decided to release the HTC Rhyme in the market. With its external design and ability to customize its ringtones and wallpapers, Rhyme is understood to be a phone exclusively designed for the ladies, although this has been denied by HTC. But if you prefer a mid-range Android device that you can personalize according to your preference, go for HTC Rhyme and make the most out of the HTC Rhyme stock wallpapers and ringtones that you can download.