It’s time to put two of  HTC’s newest heavy hitters head to head to see who comes out on top. HTC just announced the Rezound, which will be coming to Verizon later this month. AT&T and HTC released the Vivid, one of AT&T’s first LTE phones this past weekend. So, which one is better for you? We are going to find that out and much more.

And for the comprehensive spec breakdown, read on dear visitor:

HTC Rezound HTC Vivid
Carrier Verizon AT&T
Processor 1.5GHz Dual-Core 1.2GHz Dual-Core
Memory (RAM) 1GB
Memory internal/external 16GB/16GB Micro SD (included) 16GB/ Micro SD Slot
OS Android 2.3.x and Latest Version of HTC Sense Android 2.3.5 wit Sense 3.5
Display 1280×720 HD Display, 4.3-inch 4.5” qHD 960 x 540 Display
Camera 8MP – 1080p recording 8MP – 1080p recording, 1.3MP Front
Other Camera Features Instant Capture, Action burst, advanced photo editing, slow motion and panoramic Video capture at 60fps
Special Features Beats Audio AT&T LTE
Price $299 with contract $99 – in some areas. $199 in others
Available November 14 November 6


Both these phones have beautiful displays, the Vivid with a 4.5″ qHD display, but the Rezound has my favorite 4.3″ but with a 720p HD display, similar to the Galaxy Nexus. So I’d have to say the Rezound wins this one hands down.

Operating System

Both of these phones come with relatively the same OS, both running Gingerbread and the latest build of HTC Sense. So the real question here is which phone can run the OS more smoothly? This one is a tie, at least until we can get our hands on these devices to compare. Plus, even though HTC only announced ICS for the Rezound, we’re confident that both will receive Ice Cream Sandwich, so there really is a lot to look forward to for both.


HTC has really improved their camera software starting with the Sensation line of phones and the Amaze 4G, of which HTC is very proud of for doing this. But, I’d have to say the Rezound has the better features for it’s camera, with its instant capture feature, action burst, advanced photo editing – which will be in ICS, panoramic and slow motion.


With AT&T selling the Vivid for as low as $99 on contract, I think the Vivid will see higher sales then the Rezound on Verizon at $299 on contract, almost three times the price of AT&T. But then a lot of AT&T users are still iPhone users, and most of Verizon users are Android users so I could be wrong.


Basically, these phones represent two of HTC’s best. You’re going to get 4G connectivity on both, but it will likely be faster on Verizon’s rock solid (but pricey) network. That being said, from a purely technical perspective, the HTC Rezound takes the crown here, for its higher resolution screen, faster CPU, and the fact that it has Beats audio on board. Either way, as always with the latest crop of Android hardware that seems to pop up every month, the real winner here is the consumer. The HTC Vivid is by no means a slouch in any department, and is packing blazing fast hardware, a massive display, a great camera, and much more. For me though, i’m in awe of the Rezound – how about you? Which one takes the crown here?

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