Verizon’s promise to bring global roaming to some of its LTE phones may finally be realized.

Reports have surfaced regarding a new update for the HTC Rezound, although no official word has yet come from Verizon. The update is supposedly 103MB in size, indicating this isn’t just some minor fix or patch. Rumors suggest that this update has to do with global roaming, considering Verizon’s past talk about bringing global data capabilities to several phones, including the Rezound.

What isn’t clear is whether this update will hit all at once, or if it is simply making its way to select handsets as a test. The update remains at Android version 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6, though the software version is listed as 4.03.605.1.

It’s still possible that this update could have nothing to do with global roaming at all, though odds are against it. Verizon has made it clear that global roaming would eventually make its way to several LTE handsets via a software update. So, if Android and Sense aren’t receiving updates, what else could it be that requires such a large file?

Could HTC be the first Verizon device to feature global roaming? What do you think?