It’s no secret that HTC has had a rough couple of years. It’s been a long and difficult ride from their glory days as the market share leader when phones like the HTC EVO 4G, Incredible, Nexus One, and HD2 were the kings of the smartphone market. Unfortunately, despite a very strong offering with the HTC One, the Taiwanese company released an unaudited revenue report that showed the company with disappointing revenue in August.

According to WSJ, HTC only made $443.3 million. As they report, this is 16% lower than last month (July) and the worst they’ve had in six months. As reports, it’s 45% lower than it was at this time less year.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the company’s ¬†flagship device is simply not selling as well as it should be – which is odd. We all know and love the HTC One, and it was able to garner substantial praise from both the public and tech press. Many consider it to be the best design and constructed Android phone of all time. Despite this it appears to have not been enough to reverse HTC’s fortunes, with numerous reports indicating struggle both financially and internally. At a glance, it seems like HTC hasn’t done enough to stop the tailspin they’ve managed to get themselves into.

For HTC to end up even on their Q3 revenues, they’d have to increase sales 60% in September. They aren’t going down without a fight, either. They’ve recently announced the Desire 601 and the Desire 300. They’ve also finally gotten the HTC One on Verizon and the HTC One Mini. These could help boost sales, but popular conjecture is that HTC may have more bad news when Q3 earnings reports come in.

We’re never happy to hear a company struggling, but it’ll be exciting to see what happens with the phone maker once these issues get sorted out. Is there anything you think HTC could do to turn things around?

Joe Hindy
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