HTC seems to be the center of tons of rumors these days, considering its current fiscal woes. The latest rumor to surface claims that the company might be shedding its Beats Audio feature in future phones.

The rumor was started by MyDrivers, and it actually makes some sense, considering HTC’s recent sale of about half of its 51% investment in Beats Audio back to the original owners. On the other hand, Beats integration is one of the major things that sets HTC’s ONE series apart from other handsets out there, so it would probably be a strange move to shed it altogether.

The good news is that it might very well be nothing but a rumor, as HTC has issued an official statement saying the rumor is completely false. The company says they remain strongly committed to Beats Audio and that any rumor about the loss of integration is just that — nothing but a rumor.

Pretty cut and dry, right? They might be preparing to slash prices to gain sales, but Beats likely isn’t going anywhere.

To all our HTC users out there, how important is Beats Audio to your experience with HTC? Would you miss it if integration eventually gets removed?

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