It’s been another huge quarter for the people over at HTC. According to the company’s third quarter earnings report released today, net income rose to NT $18.68 billion (about $624.6 million) this quarter – a 68% increase over their third quarter of 2010, and a 7% bump from the last quarter when HTC reported record profits. Revenue, meanwhile, rose by 79% on the year to NT $135.8 billion (around $4.54 billion), which the manufacturer attributed to “strong brand recognition, leading product portfolio and expanded distribution channels.” On a regional level, HTC saw the strongest growth in China, where sales increased by a factor of nine over the past year. This helped the company boost handset shipments, which increased by over 90% over the year to 13.2 million units. For more details and crunchy numbers, hit the source link below.

Some of the more popular phones that perhaps contributed to the rise in earnings for HTC are the Amaze 4G, EVO 3D, and the Sensation Family – including the original, 4G, XE, and XL. All of which are pretty amazing phones built on rock solid hardware, which is what Android users want. Especially in a day where your phone is outdated about a week after it becomes official, officially.

Any tips for HTC?

Via: HTC, Image Credit: iFixit