Brace yourselves folks, “something remarkable is coming”, or at least that’s the latest hype-building HTC mantra, straight from their new teaser video. The 37-second video shows several people in active scenarios: underwater, showing off footwork while playing an instrument and so forth.

So what is HTC teasing, and when will we see it? The when is easy enough, considering HTC recently sent out invites for its “Double Exposure” event, an obviously photography-focused affair that will take place on October 8th. Oh, and the teaser video also confirms this date, so there’s that.

As for the what, recent rumors indicate HTC is gearing up to release something that might be a bit like a cross between a GoPro action camera and Sony’s QX attachable lenses. Bloomberg’s Tim Culpan recently revealed alleged details regarding HTC’s rugged camera, claiming it will connect directly to a phone and has wide angle lenses, Bluetooth and a 16MP sensor. Of course HTC has yet to confirm such a product is in the works, and so we can only guess what it will look like or how it will differentiate itself from the competition.

What are the odds this video is actually just a teaser for a new camera-focused phone? Honestly, not that great. For one thing, HTC tells us to go to (not currently live) on October 8th for the reveal of a “remarkable new product”, rather than just another mobile phone. Of course, past rumors have suggested that HTC is gearing up to release some new selfie-focused cameraphones and so it’s possibly that we’ll also see those on the 8th, alongside this ‘remarkable new’ something. What do you think HTC has in store for us?