HTC has begun teasing a product coming on October 8 at its Double Exposure event. From an earlier report, we knew that the mystery is an action camera, and HTC’s own teaser website confirmed the device’s name.

An intrepid Reddit user scoured the source code of and found two goodies that all but reveal HTC’s new product (since then, the images have been made inaccessible.) Besides the images, the Redditor claims to have found references to an app called RE Moments.

htc re camera leak (2)

htc re camera leak (1)

The same device makes a very discreet appearance at the beginning of HTC’s teaser video (via Droid Life):

htc re camera

From these pics (and the initial Bloomberg report), the RE Camera seems to be a Bluetooth-connected action camera in the vein of GoPro, though with less focus on sports and ruggedness. Still, as HTC’s teaser video confirms, the device will be waterproof, and thanks to its compact construction, it will likely be resistant to shocks as well. We assume there will be accessories for things like bike mounting, or – like the image above suggests – strapping it on a backpack.

The RE Camera will feature a wide-angle lens and a 16MP sensor, and HTC clearly hopes people will use it as a selfie camera. The video resolution could be 720p, judging from the top resolution available on YouTube for the teaser.

With two weeks to go until Double Exposure, HTC sure managed to blew its own surprise, though we can’t say we’re mad about it. It remains to be seen how successful this gizmo could be, though if priced right there’s a chance it will catch on, especially in East Asia, where weird selfie cameras are all the rage.

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